What is Life Coaching?

Coaches help people like you navigate transitions, set goals and priorities for life, make important changes, lower stress, create action plans and more. So how does coaching really work?

Coaching is the art of helping people grow and maximize their potential without telling them what to do. In a coaching relationship, you choose what you want to work on, you set your own goals and actions—in other words, you are always in charge.

What I bring to the table as a coach is a set of professional skills for helping you identify what you really want in life, design action plans to reach those goals, and get those things done.

For example, say your big dream is to start your own company. A coach might start by helping you identify the key motive at the heart of your dream. It may be the desire to lead an organization that impacts the world, or wanting to be your own boss, or just to rise to the challenge of really using all of your God-given abilities. However you answer that question, your heart-level drive to be an entrepreneur will have a big impact on what business you get into, how you build your team, what kind of values you instill in your company, and so forth.

A coach can help you think deeply about your aims so you are truly being strategic about where you put your time and energy. And once you’ve got a clear handle on an objective you are passionate about, the coach will help you develop an action plan, overcome obstacles along the way, and keep moving forward until one day, voila! You are a successful businessperson!


Coaching vs. Other Disciplines

You might ask, how is coaching different than mentoring or counseling? Where mentors give wise advice based on their own experience, coaches help you fully draw from the well of your own insight and ability. Often the biggest obstacle to our dreams isn’t knowing what to do: it’s having the self-confidence to do it! Coaches have mastered the art of believing in people instead of telling them what to do.

And where a counselor’s goal is to move hurting people toward wholeness, coaches help people who are basically whole maximize their lives. Counseling focuses on the past, but coaching focuses on the future.

Over and over, people who work with a great coach find they can reach higher and accomplish more than they ever thought they could on their own.

Coaches are Change     Experts      

In short, I am a coach who is professionally trained expert in the art of making life changes.


Using tools like values inventories, destiny-discovery exercises, personality assessments, support structures and action planning, I’ll help you focus in on what’s most important and get it done.


If you want to make major changes in your life, there is nothing quite like having a change expert—a coach—in your corner.  



“It makes you wonder. All the brilliant things we might have done with our lives if only we suspected we knew how.”

General Benjamin in Bel Canto

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